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All the construction requires delicate attention to details and we assure all the construction is well planned and engineered.

House Renovation
Map/layout Approval (Naksha Pass)

We take care of house renovation and additional floors and take care of all the governmental documentation works.

Consulting/Needs Assessment

Getting confused on the best type of construction is obvious; we provide free consulting before the construction process.

Architecture Design

A good designed interior is the primary feature of a planned house after construction, we cater perfectly designed interior designs for your dream house.

Expert & Professional

Engineers and contractors working in the field for more than 10 years.

High Quality Work

All the workers are supervised and directed by the engineers in the site.

24/7 Help Support

Our digital integrated team is ready for service all the time.

Sasto Ghar Nepal is a general construction firm specializing in residential and commercial houses. We are a full-service company dedicated to quality construction and client satisfaction. Our goal is to provide our clients with a high-quality finished product and a positive remodeling experience. ...

For us, the ultimate compliment is for our clients to call us to work with them whenever they have a construction or renovation project. Over the years we have had the pleasure of working with many of our clients on multiple home building projects and we're proud that they are our best advertising and our primary source of referrals. Our pride in craftsmanship and our commitment to our clients are the foundation of our reputation as a premier construction company.

Although the majority of our work is new construction, Sasto Ghar Nepal has also completed many challenging renovation and prefab projects with great success.

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We provide affordable small houses in Nepal.
Prefab houses | RCC | Steel structure

    To form long term relationship of values with our clients and partners using quality construction and engineering solution and employing the best resource and latest techniques. This will help us cater our services in an affordable price. Incorporating these values in our daily activities and core competencies will help us succeed in future.

    Sasto Ghar Nepal has a set of vision to become premium Construction Company providing the best engineering and consulting solution to the market. We are trying to be the leader in client satisfaction, innovation, professionalism and superior quality solutions in an affordable expense. We are an architect of fast, cost effective and creative solution to the needs of our clients. Our team combines of technical excellence with superior understanding of client needs which assists us in building a dream home for them.

    Sasto Ghar Nepal aims to provide the highest standard of quality and service in the construction industry, giving clients the best satisfaction the company can offer.

A prefab, or prefabricated home, is built offsite in a factory and then shipped to a building site in pieces to be assembled on the home lot. Prefab homes are more than just affordable — they come with a plethora of benefits for their owners and the earth!
Why Prefab?
• They have better earthquake resistance than traditional houses because steel withstands stress and is flexible too.
• They offer high level of energy savings with a good price to quality ratio, which has greater value for money.
• The construction period is significantly shorter.
• They are fire resistant. In the event of fire only the first layer burns. This means there is no risk of structural collapse.
• They have larger useable floor space.
• They do not require any more maintenance than traditional homes.
• There is less waste, and the construction site is cleaner.

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Steel structure building is a popular type of building system now, made from fabricated metal, primarily steel for both its internal support and its exterior material. Steel frame is used for the horizontal beams and the vertical columns and they are hinged together through a welding process or sturdy bolts and rivets.
Its main load-bearing members are made of steel, including column, beam, foundation and roof truss. while roof and wall using variety of materials, such as sandwich panel, steel sheet, wire mesh, foam cement board. ALC board for different building application. It widely use for steel framing farm warehouse, heavy storage house, prefab steel structure warehouse for machines, logistics, trucks and so on, It can be built very fast and will not influenced by weather, steel material also will be more durable than traditional construction and the total cost is more competitive. Certainly steel structure building also can be combined with concrete or bricks to meet different customers’ different requirement.

1) Cost saving and transportation convenient, customer design available.
2) The main beam and column are qualified steel.
3) The steel structure makes the house resisting heavy wind of 140km/h and 8 grade earthquake.
4) Good ability to assemble and disassemble for several times without damage.
5) Widly used in construction site office building; dormitory etc.
6) Environmental protection effect is good.

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Prefabricated commercial metal buildings are on the rise in the past few years. Also known as modular commercial buildings, these buildings offer a variety of benefits including stronger structure, long life, faster building process, lower costs and lesser construction mess.
These portable prefabricated commercial metal buildings have parts assembled on site. The parts have been prefabricated in factories where they go through stringent quality control to ensure that they are in the best state and they pass the strength and structure standards for commercial buildings. The parts used to construct prefabricated commercial metal buildings are made in a controlled environment where the weather will not interfere with its outcome. That allows the parts to be produced in a perfect condition. When installed properly, these metal buildings can last for ages. This can be a viable option for people who are looking for the best commercial space materials that will not hurt their budget. These Types of Commercial Metal Buildings are mostly used for:

Metal can also be used to construct office spaces. It is considered a sustainable material because it can last for a long time even with little maintenance. For prefabricated metal office buildings, they can be put up faster than traditional building methods, which lowers down the costs for building owners and reduces downtime. The building design can be adapted easily to any modern architecture design specifications of the users. The prefabricated partition can be done inside to create a modern design that will represent your office well. Metal can also be recycled later, which is an added plus for those looking for a sustainable and eco-friendly office space.

Metal buildings can be used for gym can be an economical way to build a sturdy structure that will last for a long time. Aside from gyms, these metal buildings can also be used for larger sports structures such as basketball courts or indoor tennis courts.

Auto-repair shops often do a lot of rigorous tasks. Because of that, their shops can get loaded with heavy machinery, tools and vehicles. This is why metal buildings are often preferred for auto-repair shops. Metal buildings can provide top-notch weather protection. Tools, equipment and vehicles can be protected while inside the structure. Metal buildings can also withstand heat. Since auto-repair shops use tools that can generate heat, it’s best to use building materials that are resistant to that.

This material is also great for large open layouts like retail stores. Many large retail stores use metal for its framework are still standing long after the stores have closed.
Retail shop owners can also benefit from the low maintenance capabilities of metal. Unlike wood, it’s not prone to warping, buckling and rotting. Retail shop owners don’t have to do a lot of things to keep their shops in good condition.

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Reinforced cement concrete (RCC), is a composite material in which concrete's relatively low tensile strength and ductility are compensated for by the inclusion of reinforcement having higher tensile strength or ductility. The reinforcement is usually, though not necessarily, steel bars (rebar) and is usually embedded passively in the concrete before the concrete sets. Reinforced Cement Concrete (RCC) buildings provide new challenges due to multi-storied floors and adoption of unique and creative designs by designers obliging to the wishes of modern clients.

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Bijay Prakash Mainali

Construction Specilist-Civil Engineer

Civil Engineer from Nepal Engineering College, “Dedication and allegiance are what I have valued the most in every projects,... An amiable nature would let confront difficulties and helps in solving comprehensive problem and goal oriented tasks.” I believe in doing things explicitly and have developed management and communication skills and believe in team work working in big projects like Upper Tamakoshi Hydroelectric Project, Jagdulla Hydropower Company.

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Rupendra Aryal

Supervisor & Planner, PGD- Innovation

Rupendra is a master graduate in International Business Innovation from ICL Graduate Business... School, New Zealand with over 5 years of experience in customer service and marketing and supervising. We design homes. “ We as architects, must be very careful when designing built spaces, because, the spaces we design, also, in turn design people’s behavior and attitude. Architecture practice should, therefore, be a virtuous cycle of ‘creating, enriching and inspiring.’”
We want to create smart modern homes in affordable prices for people to live in through our education, expertise, technology and architecture. Presently, we are also a tutor of various engineering software packages including autoCAD, Sketchup, Revit, etc. Our research Interests are Affordable Urban Residences, Architecture & Design, Interior design.

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Pratish Shrestha

Architect, Designer, Creator

Architecture from Institute of Engineering, Pulchowk Campus. I HAVE also won various national and international level design ...competitions. I was interested in Architecture and Design from early childhood, which can be easily seen in my design and graphic works. My acute and meticulous acumen in both the aesthetics and function of any built environment comes from an upbringing in the core area of architecturally rich Patan. This has influenced my design in ways, that incorporates modern methods with traditional and vernacular aesthetical and architectural principles.

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